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New Building Material - Polycarbonate

Jul. 10, 2019

Did you know that polycarbonate is now used as a new building material? Polycarbonate is a new type of safety lighting system with advantages that other materials do not have.

1. Impact strength: The impact strength of solid PC sheets is 200 times that of glass.

2. Light weight: The weight of a solid PC sheet is only about half of glass.

3. Transparency: The light transmission of PC sheet is 80-90 %( clear), for different thicknesses.

4. UV-protection: Our PC sheets are manufactured using UV stabilized PC resin that keeps the PC sheet from discoloring. Our state of the art machines can co-extrude up to 50 microns of UV coating on both sides of our Polycarbonate sheets to further enhance its UV resistant properties.

5. Resistance to weather: A PC sheet has resistance to bad weather and maintains excellent properties in a wide temperature range (from -40 to 120°C).

6. Thermal insulation: The K-value of glass is 1.2 times that of a solid PC sheet. So PC Sheets have much lesser heat conductivity than glass and are very useful for insulation.

7. Easy installation: A PC sheet can be bent while hot or cold and can be used on curved roofs, domes and windows. The minimum radius of curvature of a PC sheet is 175 times of its thickness.

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