As people increasingly recognize the application of polycarbonate sheets in building materials, its advantages have been discovered one by one, and polycarbonate sheets have penetrated into all walks of life.
Purchases of polycarbonate sheets have also increased. This also makes the company’s production around the clock, still can not meet the customer’s demand.
  Therefore, SINHAI newly purchased an advanced tile production equipment, so that no matter how many tile orders are placed, they can be delivered on schedule without affecting the customer’s delivery and use.

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Advantages of corrugated polycarbonate tiles

a. Excellent waterproof performance (the high weather resistance resin used in the pc corrugated tile does not have the problem of microporous water seepage, and has excellent waterproof performance.)

   b. Strong self-cleaning ability (the surface of the pc wave tile is dense and non-slip, and it will be as clean as new after being washed by natural rain, and there will be no fouling, spots, etc.)

   c. The shape is stable (the expansion coefficient of pc corrugated tile is 4.93×10/1°C). Even if the temperature changes greatly, its performance of thermal expansion and contraction can also be digested by itself to ensure stability. )

   d. Light weight (PC tiles with a thickness of 1.0mm are only 1.85 kilograms per square meter at most, which is a lightweight material.)

   e. Good flame retardant performance (the main resin of the pc corrugated tile is a flame retardant material, and the fire resistance performance reaches B1 level.)

   f. Good heat insulation effect (the thermal conductivity of pc corrugated tile is 0.325w/mk, which is about 1/3 of 10mm thick clay tile, 1/5 of 10mm cement tile, and 1/2000 of 0.5mm thick color steel tile. )

   g. Excellent impact resistance (under normal temperature, 1 kg iron ball falls freely on the tile surface from a height of 1.5m without cracks or through holes, the product is not damaged, and the impact resistance is excellent.)

   h. Excellent corrosion resistance (the main synthetic resin of the pc corrugated tile has very good corrosion resistance, and will not be corroded by acid and alkali to cause performance degradation. It is very suitable for chemical plants, coastal areas with strong salt spray corrosion and serious air pollution. area.)

   i. Good sound insulation effect (the material used in the pc corrugated tile itself has sound insulation performance, which can effectively filter sound up to 35%~50%.)

   j. The light transmission performance is better than that of the same type of building materials (the material used in the pc corrugated tile has light transmission performance, and the light transmission rate is 20%~30%, which can increase indoor lighting and save power consumption.)

   k. It is an environmentally friendly new building material strongly recommended by the country (the materials used in the pc corrugated tile have the function of recyclability and reuse. When the material is used, it can be further processed into its accessories, such as diesel oil, etc.)

   l. Good insulation performance (pc corrugated tile has insulation performance and is non-conductive, which improves the safety factor of buildings and occupants.)

Polycarbonate corrugated sheet application:

  It is widely used in permanent buildings such as factories, workshops, warehouses, houses, carports, farmers’ markets, road hoardings, etc., especially suitable for corrosive industries such as ceramic production workshops, fertilizer warehouses, galvanizing plants, aluminum plants, and chemical plants.

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