The sunroom does not need a glass roof? Seeing this question, everyone is a little confused. Because in our inherent impression, the sun room seems to be built with a large piece of glass. The sun shines through the glass, and the whole room is bright and warm. But have you ever noticed that the friends who have built the glass conservatory are complaining that the glass is easy to be dirty, fragile, and easy to be stuffy in summer, and the conservatory is not as good as imagined.


Easy to dirty: If you can’t imagine how dirty the sunroof will be, just look at the glass curtain wall buildings around you. The roof of the glass sunroom will be dirtier than them, and the dirt will accumulate, which can not be washed away by the rain. And even if you want to clean it, you dare not stand up directly.


Fragile: We should know that glass is fragile. In our daily life, there are often cases of glass breaking and hurting people. Imagine if your sunroom has a glass roof, and suddenly there is debris falling from the upper floor, you will feel scared to think about it. Even tempered glass will not be completely shattered, but it will affect the appearance.


Sultry: The light transmission of glass is relatively strong, and it is also easy to accept solar radiation; and ordinary glass cannot block ultraviolet rays, so the temperature in the sun room in summer can accumulate above 50 degrees Celsius, just like a sauna. People should feel it.

The sun room does not need a glass roof? Yes it is! Nowadays, polycarbonate sheet roofs are popular. Polycarbonate sheet, also known as PC solid sheet, is a new type of mobile sunroom material. Compared with the glass roof, the polycarbonate sheet sun roof is not easy to get dirty and not easy to break. The surface of the polycarbonate sheet has a UV coating, which is not easy to be contaminated with dust and has good self-cleaning properties. It only needs to be cleaned with a high-pressure water gun. If you want to stand on the roof of the sunroom to clean, it is also possible. Because polycarbonate sheet is called “non-breaking glass”, its impact resistance is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet, and twice that of tempered glass.


The light transmittance of polycarbonate sheet is comparable to that of glass, but the heat insulation effect is 45% higher than that of glass; at the same time, the mobile sun room of polycarbonate sheet can be opened and closed intelligently to enhance ventilation, and it will not be as stuffy as glass sunroom in summer. You can also choose light gray, dark gray and frosted colors. The darker the color, the better the shading effect.

The sun room does not need a glass roof? Yes it is! Nowadays, polycarbonate sheet roofs are popular. Not only easy to clean and safer, but also smart opening and closing, and enhanced ventilation.



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