Hollow polycarbonate sheets are more and more widely used in modern times. Hollow polycarbonate sheets are loved by customers for their excellent lighting, light transmission and durability. But many customers still lack understanding of the sun sheet, now let’s learn about the knowledge of the sun sheet from many aspects!

1. When installing, be sure to understand the text instructions and precautions printed on the protective film clearly, and pay special attention to the standard of which side is facing outward. Do not install wrongly, there must be an effective space in the connecting profile or in the slot of the frame to allow the plate to be expanded and displaced under load. The linear thermal expansion coefficient of the hollow hollow polycarbonate sheet is 7×10m/m.k, that is, every time the temperature rises by 1°C, the 1m×1m panel will expand by 0.075mm along the length direction. The user must calculate the installation clearance data according to the temperature difference of the four seasons according to the location of the project: For example, in the northern region, the highest temperature is 40°C, the lowest temperature is -30°C, and the reserved clearance for 1m×1m plate installation is 0.07×70=4.9mm

2. Installation steps, first transport the plate to the installation location, tear off the bottom protective film of the first plate, position it with a cap, remove the bottom protective film of the second plate, position it with the cap, and paste it on the junction of the two plates Waterproof tape, press the bead right on top of the waterproof tape.

Screw installation method

1. The screw spacing can be properly configured according to the thickness of the sheet. If the spacing is too small or too large, it is not good. If the spacing is too small, sometimes it will cause stress and damage due to being too tight; if the spacing is too large, it will make the PC sheet unstable. For this reason, it is recommended to use the lower spacing Note: If the PC sheet is directly fixed with self-tapping screws, the larger the screw spacing, the less likely the sheet will be damaged due to stress.

2. The size of the screw holes must take into account the difference in thermal expansion and contraction of the PC sheet in summer and winter and book nights. Generally speaking, the screw hole diameter should be 2~4mm larger than the minimum screw diameter to reserve space for expansion.

Second, wet assembly method 

This assembly system is mainly used in small facilities such as garages, station canopies, canopies, greenhouses and many other occasions where glass is replaced. When using the wet assembly method, the basic requirement is that the sealing system can withstand a certain amount of movement of the sheet, allowing thermal expansion without reducing its bond with the frame and sheet. It is generally recommended to use neutral silicone glue and hollow hollow polycarbonate sheets for wet assembly, but special attention must be paid to the chemical properties of the sealant used before use. Acidic and alkaline silicone glue must not be used, because these curing agents will cause When the sheet is cracked, especially when there is internal stress, when choosing a sealant, in addition to considering chemical suitability, it is also necessary to focus on inspection, elongation and weather resistance.

Third, the sealing technology of the hollow polycarbonate sheet

The original tape on the sun sheet. It is only used to temporarily protect the edge of the sheet, and it is not resistant to aging. During the installation project, the sheet is cut according to the size. After cutting, the hole at the end of the sheet must be sealed with engineering special tape according to the requirements of the installation regulations, and the original tape must be replaced. The special tape for installation engineering should have good weather resistance, and it will not lose its cohesiveness and mechanical strength after long-term use. During installation and operation, when sticking the tape. Pay attention to the following points;

(1) Make sure that the edges of the sheet are smooth.

(2) To blow all the holes clean, the compressed air must be free of any impurities and dry.

(3) Ensure that the tape is completely covered by the profile, metal cover plate, and the U-shaped protective groove at the end. After the installation is completed, there should be no exposed parts.

Fourth, the cleaning method of the hollow polycarbonate sheet

(1) When cleaning, it must be rinsed with warm water below 60°C.

(2) Neutral detergents should be used for cleaning, and detergents that can corrode the hollow polycarbonate sheets are not allowed.

(3) It is required to gently scrub with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral liquid. It is forbidden to use coarse cloth, brush, mop and other hard and sharp tools for cleaning.