The correct installation method of the hollow polycarbonate sheet:

1. The leveling and cleaning of the frame before installation;

2. First check whether the cutting size and expansion reserve of the plate are qualified, pay special attention to leaving enough uniform expansion gap, the calculation formula is as follows:

Total expansion gap = expansion coefficient × temperature difference before and after local installation × sheet length

The expansion coefficient is 7.0×10-5mm/mm.K

3. The coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction of the plate is different from that of the support frame, and allowance is needed to withstand wind pressure, snow pressure, etc. Therefore, the amount of embedding should be reserved enough, as well as the space for thermal expansion and contraction. Generally, the edge of the plate extends into the fixed frame by more than 25mm, and there are at least two ribs in the fixed area during installation; thermal expansion and contraction generally leave a gap of 3mm per meter;

4. Identify the anti-uv side of the surface of the sheet and install it facing outwards. It is not allowed to install the anti-uv side facing inward;

5. When installing the polycarbonate sheet, the protective film covered on the board will affect the bonding of the joint filler and the board, so before installation, lift the protective film around the pc sheet by 5~10cm. Do not let the profile clamp the protective film, but it is not allowed. Lift up too much, so as not to damage the board surface due to operation; please remove all the polycarbonate sheet protective film as soon as possible after installation.

Note: Some workers clamp the polycarbonate sheet protective film in the profile during operation, and then use a sharp tool to mark and lift it up, but they often scratch the pc sheet;

6. In the case of cold bending installation of hollow polycarbonate sheet, the bending radius shall not be less than 175 times the thickness of the plate;

7. Hollow polycarbonate sheet can only bend in the direction of ribs;

8. The inclined installation of the hollow polycarbonate sheet should follow the direction of the ribs, which is conducive to the drainage of condensate;

9. If self-tapping and self-drilling screws need to be fixed directly on the board, the holes must be reamed. All drill holes should be larger than the diameter of the bolt, leaving a gap between thermal expansion and contraction; therefore, the hole diameter must be larger than the screw diameter when making holes in the material plate. 50% larger, avoid locking screws in the bent part, so as not to cause cracking;


10. When tightening the self-tapping screws, the force should be even to ensure that the sealing strips and plates are compacted;

11. All pores should be filled with neutral sealant, and the exposed part should be coated with neutral sealant to prevent the detergent from infiltrating the edges and prevent extended cracking;

12. The distance between the center of the hole and the edge of the plate should be greater than or equal to 5cm;

13. During the whole process of board installation, it is strictly forbidden to use the foot pedal surface, and the movable pedal that spans the board must be used during operation;

14. The cut length of the PC hollow sheet must be greater than the width before it can be bent.

Polycarbonate sheets need to use a co-extruded UV protection layer. The sheets and raw materials provided by major polycarbonate material manufacturers contain insufficient anti-ultraviolet agents to withstand long-term aging resistance under outdoor weather conditions. The effect of ultraviolet light will make the polycarbonate sheet without UV protection yellow and age, and shorten the service life of PC sheet.

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