1.When the polycarbonate sheet is bent, it should follow the direction of the force, and it must not be horizontal. to bend. The bending radius should be the thickness of the plate: 175 times the hollow two-layer plate Below, the three-layer sheet is less than 185 times, and the four-layer sheet is less than 200 times. Solid Polycarbonate Sheet The bending radius is also less than 175 times the thickness. The bending part of the plate is strictly prohibited Secure with screws.

2.When installing the hollow sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet, the joint between the sheet and the sheet should be , the thermal expansion gap must be reserved according to the size of the plate, and the thermal expansion coefficient is 0.065mm/m°C, it is strictly forbidden for self-tapping screws, rivets, etc. to directly pass through the plate fixed. If it must be passed through, the diameter of the hole must be larger than the diameter of the hole in the plate. 100% enlarged hole of the diameter of the tap or pull rivet, and then drop from the tap or rivet Nail through the center of the enlarged hole to ensure that the sheet can be free in any direction telescopic.

3.The steel structure skeleton must be installed firmly, maintain balance, and avoid cause damage to the polycarbonate sheet.

4.The skeleton material of the steel structure must be consistent with the structural area, which is convenient for construction.

5.The aluminum alloy bead is consistent with the thickness and area of the purchased plate, and can be Better protection of the sheet and extended service life.


6.The sealant in contact with the polycarbonate plate must use neutral silica gel. It is strictly forbidden to use alkaline, acidic, or chemically unknown sealants containing bath agents glue. Avoid direct contact of polycarbonate sheets with chemical solvents, solutions and volatile gases Contact, if thinner diluted paint is used to brush the polycarbonate sheet support When the paint is completely dry, the polycarbonate sheet can be installed. It is strictly forbidden to Touch up the steel frame of the installed polycarbonate sheet with paint diluted with thinner.

7.When installing the polycarbonate sheet, the sheet must have UV co-extrusion anti-ultraviolet The side of the protective film with the text is facing the outside, and it must not be installed backwards. Immediately remove the protective film after completion to avoid the protective film and the sun exposure. Polycarbonate sheet sticking.

8.Before installing the polycarbonate sheet, the protective cover within a range of about 30mm from the edge should be uncovered. Protective film, it is strictly forbidden to press the protective film under the profile, and then use a knife to cut the protective film Uncover method. There should be no scratches on any part of the polycarbonate sheet.

9.Use aluminum foil tape or waterproof breathable tape for the cut section of the polycarbonate sheet Sealed to prevent water vapor, dust and bugs from entering the air and affecting the polycarbonate Transparency and aesthetics of the sheet.


Precautions during installation

(1) During installation, the construction organizer must say the words printed on the protective film. The instructions and precautions should be clearly understood and explained to the operator. Special attention should be paid to Which side is facing out. Don’t get it wrong.

(2) Before installation, do not remove the protective film, only along the edge of the sheet to protect the Lift the protective film about 50mm, and immediately remove the protective film after installation, such as If it is necessary to continue to protect the surface of the sheet, first remove the film, and then re-cover the protective film.

(3) The viscous substance of the sealing material should not damage the PC solar panel.

4) The sealing tape should have good weather resistance and should not be lost for a long time. Detackification and mechanical strength.

5) Do not polish or clean the solar panel with strong alkali, and do not wipe it with a hard brush surface, so as to avoid the phenomenon of pulling.

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