Today I will introduce you to a building material with a long service life – corrugated polycarbonate sheet.

Lightweight and strong corrugated polycarbonate sheet, bring you a colorful world of construction! Whether it is industrial buildings, civil buildings or special buildings, it can be your best choice!


First let everyone know what is pc corrugated sheet.

Corrugated polycarbonate sheet is a corrugated or T-shaped sheet formed by polycarbonate material through UV co-extrusion technology and various types of tile models. It has many application fields, including industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roofs, walls and interior and exterior wall decoration of long-span steel structure houses.

Performance of pc corrugated sheet

1. Lightweight: Because it is made of plastic polycarbonate material, polycarbonate corrugated sheets are lighter than traditional building materials, which reduces the weight of the building and reduces the requirements for the foundation.

2. High strength: The bending strength of polycarbonate corrugated sheet is between 100-200MPa, the tensile strength is about 60-80MPa, and the impact strength is between 5-15kJ/m2, which makes it have good bending resistance and Shock resistance.

3. Rich color: The combination of color masterbatches makes the corrugated sheet have rich color choices, which can meet the decoration needs of different buildings.

4. Convenient and fast construction: The installation of polycarbonate corrugated sheet is relatively simple and can be assembled through simple connection methods, which speeds up the construction speed.

5. Good anti-seismic performance: polycarbonate corrugated sheet has good anti-seismic performance, which can effectively resist earthquake force and improve the stability of the building.

6. Good flame retardant performance: Polycarbonate material is not easy to burn and self-extinguishing when away from fire, which makes corrugated polycarbonate sheets have good flame retardant performance.

7. Good rainproof performance: The corrugated structure of the polycarbonate roof sheet allows water to drain away quickly, reducing water accumulation and preventing leakage.

8. Long life and maintenance-free: It has a long service life and does not require frequent maintenance.


Whether for roofs, walls or interior and exterior decoration, corrugated panels are perfect for the job. Not only is the construction convenient and quick, but also it is earthquake-resistant, fire-proof, and rain-proof, and its reliability is beyond your imagination. Don’t worry about bad weather or unexpected situations. Our corrugated polycarbonate sheet will give you all-round protection!

Don’t hesitate! Let corrugated polycarbonate roof sheet start your architectural journey now. Whether you are an architect, a house owner, or a construction worker, it will become your reliable partner.

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