Polycarbonate solid sheet is also called unbreakable glass, pc solid sheet. SINHAI polycarbonate (PC) series panels are mainly made of high-quality German Bayer Markolon raw materials and SABIC Lexan raw materials, and are produced with the most advanced co-extrusion equipment and production technology. They are a new type of green and environmentally friendly building lighting. Decoration materials. Widely used in modern building lighting projects, such as: stadiums, stations, airports, shopping malls and other lighting canopies; civil building roof lighting, corridors and aisle roofs, rain shelters, parking lots, agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants, bus shelters, advertising Light boxes, highway (railway) subway light rail, urban viaducts and other noise barriers, industrial machinery and equipment protection and other fields.
1.PC thermoformed product-daylighting cover
The light cover of PC sheet thermoforming product is made of PC (polycarbonate) sheet with light material, good lighting performance, strong impact resistance, aging resistance, heat and sound insulation, high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving. It uses solid polycarbonate sheet as the base material. It is shaped by high temperature compression moulding or blister molding.
Main shapes: pyramid, arch, circle and other shapes, and can also be professionally customized according to the needs of construction projects to suit various design and shape thermoformed products. PC lighting hoods are mostly used in building lighting facilities such as stations, shopping malls, gymnasiums, hotels, swimming pools, schools, hospitals, libraries, and various high-end entertainment venues. The PC lighting cover not only has the functions of lighting, heat preservation and sound insulation. The personalized architectural decoration lighting effect makes lighting safer and more artistic!
The product characteristics of PC lighting hoods: light weight, high strength, impact resistance, unbreakable, bulletproof, anti-ultraviolet, good lighting performance, no color change, outdoor all-weather use can be used for more than 10 years.
2.PC thermoformed products-riot shields,windshields,helmets, lampshades
In addition to lighting covers for PC sheet processing products, the main products also include: riot shields, motorcycle windshields, helmets, lampshades, LED tubes and other security equipment protection covers, natural lighting devices, PC luggage and other applications.
Protective products: anti-riot shields, helmets, protective covers, lampshades

Finished tubes: PC tubes, special-shaped tubes, lighting poles


PC sheet other special-shaped cutting and drilling

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