polycarbonate-curtain-wall submitted an updated research report titled “Global Polycarbonate Sheet Market in 2020, by Manufacturers, Types and Applications, and Forecasts for 2025″, which provides important answers about market growth and market development.

  In today’s society, polycarbonate is one of the most popular plastic materials in the construction industry in various countries.

The Sports Centre project design has been applied to polycarbonate, which is an internet celebrity material in the construction industry. As a polymer material, it has a variety of excellent properties. It is also a transparent material. Its weight is only 1/3 of that of glass, but its strength has reached. Glass 250 times, the price is three to four times cheaper than glass, heat preservation performance is 60% higher than glass, greatly reducing the indoor greenhouse effect. Surface UV coating polycarbonate sheet can block 100% ultraviolet rays. In addition to transparent or translucent materials, it can also choose the color you want, and it can be configured with LED lights to achieve the effect of an advertising wall. Polycarbonate sheet provides the construction industry with a balance of light and heat insulation, which greatly relieves direct sunlight. As a relatively cheap lightweight and translucent building material, it can provide excellent thermal insulation and create a simple and modern facade. It is well received by architects from all over the world.


Post time: Apr-26-2021

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