During the use of PC solid sheet, its main component is polycarbonate with excellent engineering performance. It has the reputation of “non-breaking glass” because its impact resistance is about 250 times that of ordinary glass and is the same thickness as acrylic. It is about 30 times that of the solid polycarbonate sheet, so it can withstand a 4.5kg weight being dropped vertically from a height of 1 meter without damage to the polycarbonate solid sheet.

    Polycarbonate solid sheets produced by building materials use newly imported polycarbonate as raw materials. PC sheets shipped from polycarbonate solid sheet manufacturers can be guaranteed for 10 years before leaving the factory. In fact, the normal service life of polycarbonate sheets is more than 15 years. If they are well maintained, they can still be used. 20 years.

    For example, the awning made of polycarbonate solid sheet material has a very good service life. Some traditional plastic awnings may develop various cracks or holes after being used for about a year. If they encounter harsh natural environments, such as typhoons or snowfall, they will basically collapse.


    At present, Baoding SINHAI uses imported raw materials to produce polycarbonate solid sheets with a light transmittance of close to 90%, and the light transmission effect is comparable to that of glass. In addition to having the advantages of long service life, good thermal insulation performance, light weight, and strong light transmittance, solid polycarbonate sheets The sheet is also covered with a layer of UV coating, which can not only prevent the spread of fog, but also prevent fogging after exposure.

    PC is an amorphous thermoplastic resin with excellent properties, while polycarbonate solid sheet has excellent electrical insulation, ductility, dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, fire resistance and cold resistance. The utility model also has the advantages of self-extinguishing, flame retardant, non-toxic and colorable.

    Solid polycarbonate sheet is a high-performance Engineering plastic polycarbonate or pc —– acid resin processing. Features: impact resistance, unbreakable strength hundreds of times higher than tempered glass and acrylic panels, tough, safe, anti-theft, and bulletproof with the best effect. Can be rounded and bent: good processability, strong plasticity, and can be bent into arches, semicircles and other styles according to the actual needs of the construction site. The solid polycarbonate sheet can be made into a maximum width of 3 meters and any length. It can also be made into a U-shaped solid polycarbonate sheet to effectively improve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.

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