What factors will cause the price of hollow polycarbonate sheet to be different? The selected materials are different, the thickness is made according to the requirements, whether there are anti-ultraviolet materials, and the other point is that the production equipment is the reason for the price difference of the polycarbonate sheet. Baoding Xinhai Plastic Sheet Co., Ltd. specializes 20 years of production of polycarbonate sheets, to analyze the same reasons:   

1. The thickness is different.The more raw materials used for the thicker polycarbonate panels, the higher the cost. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers have changed the original standard thickness to a film-containing thickness. Even the thickness of the film contained by some manufacturers does not reach the specified value.  

2. The raw materials are different. Raw materials are divided into imported raw materials, domestic raw materials, and recycled materials. Non-recycled raw materials are also divided into genuine materials and secondary materials, whether they are sheet-grade or injection-molded. The recycled raw materials are divided into pure pc recycled raw materials and modified pc raw materials. The price gap of different raw materials is different, which directly leads to the difference in the price of the finished products of polycarbonate sheet.  

3. Selection of mechanical equipment.Because domestic production equipment is restricted by the technical level and experience of special equipment, there are certain differences between the equipment produced and foreign countries. Because of this, the price of imported equipment is relatively expensive. Therefore, the depreciation cost of the equipment is also different. This is another reason why the price of the sun board is different.  

4. Is the anti-ultraviolet coating added? What is the thickness of the coating? Co-extrusion of the coating on the surface of the sheet plays a very important role in the maintenance of the board. But if this layer of coating does not pass the inspection of machinery and equipment, human observation is difficult to distinguish. Because its price is not cheap, many manufacturers also make a fuss about this, do not add or add the thickness is not enough.   The above is about the difference in the price of the polycarbonate sheet. Because of this, you need to choose according to the specific situation when you buy. You can’t choose inferior products because of the greed for cheap.

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