What is polycarbonate sheet? The characteristics of high light transmission and impact resistance give it the title of “unbreakable glass”?

With the progress and development of science and technology of the times, more and more new types of building materials have emerged, and people can choose more and more materials. There is a building material with unique aesthetic characteristics and functional performance that can meet a wide range of needs. Performance requirements – polycarbonate sheet, we will learn more about this material in this issue.

Polycarbonate sheet, referred to as PC sheet, also known as PC hollow sheet and PC solid sheet, is a type of polymer containing carbonate groups in its molecular chain.

To a certain extent, it can replace glass and plexiglass as the best building materials. Its light transmittance can be as high as 91%, and its impact resistance and impact resistance are very good. The anti-riot shield is also made of the same material. The high light transmittance and smash resistance make it have the title of “unbreakable glass”.

1. Product Category

Polycarbonate sheet (PC sheet) main categories pc hollow sheet, pc solid sheet, pc wave tile, pc lighting tile, pc synthetic resin tile.

Different  product forms can be divided into solid and hollow.

Solid sheet: Usually called solid sheet, it is a solid single-layer structure with a conventional thickness of 0.8-20mm.

Hollow sheet: usually called hollow sheet, which is a multi-layer hollow structure; commonly used structures are rice-shaped hollow sheet, double-layer, three-layer, four-layer square hollow sheet and honeycomb hollow sheet Pc wave tile, pc lighting tile, PC synthetic resin Tile: Actually, it is an solid sheet made into tiles.

Appropriate structural sheets can be selected according to the location of use and functional requirements.

2. Color classification

In addition to the common transparent colors, polycarbonate sheets also have various colors such as milky white, lake blue, grass green, brown, red, black, yellow, etc. The color specifications can be customized according to the use requirements.