Pc endurance board, also known as solid polycarbonate sheet


Will PC endurance gradually replace tempered glass? PC endurance board is a solid polycarbonate sheet that is commonly used for indoor and outdoor lighting, while glass is often used as a widely circulated material in society because people believe it is cost-effective. This issue has sparked a lot of heated discussion. In recent years, PC endurance boards have become increasingly popular in construction and home decoration, becoming a substitute for tempered glass. So, is this so-called “tempered glass killer” really reliable? Today we will discuss it

Advantages of PC solid polycarbonate sheet compared to tempered glass

PC solid polycarbonate sheet has the characteristics of lightweight, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, and UV protection. Although tempered glass has high hardness, once broken, it can produce sharp fragments, which can easily cause harm to the human body. In addition, the transparency of PC solid polycarbonate sheets is not inferior to that of tempered glass.



How PC solid polycarbonate sheet and tempered glass are formed


Tempered glass is made by uniformly heating ordinary glass, and when it approaches the softening point, it cools evenly at corresponding cooling rates according to different thicknesses
PC solid polycarbonate sheet is made of polycarbonate resin, and its main components are polycarbonate and additives. Polycarbonate is a polymer material with high transparency and excellent physical properties, widely used in fields such as architecture, automobiles, and electronics. Additives can improve the processing performance, weather resistance, flame retardancy, and other properties of polycarbonate.
The manufacturing process of PC solid polycarbonate sheets is very complex, requiring processes such as extrusion, rolling, cooling, and cutting to process polycarbonate resin into different specifications of sheets. And these boards are also widely used, such as building skylights, billboards, station shelters, car sheds, etc.

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PC solid polycarbonate plate characteristics: impact resistance, impact resistance, unbreakable: strength hundreds of times more than Tempered glass, acrylic plate, tough and safe, anti-theft, bulletproof effect is excellent.

Can be arched and bent: with good workability and strong plasticity, it can be bent into arched or semi circular shapes according to the actual needs of the construction site.

Lightweight and easy to handle: only half the weight of glass, saving time and effort in handling and installation, and convenient and easy construction management.

Weathering resistance and excellent lighting: It can withstand long-term ultraviolet radiation, with excellent lighting effects and can save a lot of energy consumption. Super transparent and super insulated: Its transparency is almost the same as glass, and it also has the property of self extinguishing and fire extinguishing, making it the best lighting and fireproof material.

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