SINHAI Impact resistant colored clear solid polycarbonate sheet

  • Brand: SINHAI
  • MOQ: 100 sqm
  • Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union
  • Place of Origin: Baoding City,Hebei,China
  • Delivery Time: Within 3-10 working days according to the quantity
  • Start Port: Tianjin
  • Packaging: Both sides with PE film,logo on the PE film.Film logo is available to design for free
  • Product Detail



    Polycarbonate sheet is a kind of sheet made of high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate.Due to anti-theft and bulletproof, solid polycarbonate sheet has super toughness, high weather resistance, best heat insulation, impact resistance, unbreakable, safe and reliable; light weight, bendable, and convenient for construction.
    Therefore, it has a wide range of uses, and it is also a new type of building decoration material that has been praised and praised by the construction industry around the world.

    Material 100% virgin bayer/sabic polycarbonate resin
    Thickness 0.8mm-18mm
    Color Clear, Blue, Lake Blue,Green, Bronze, Opal or Customized
    Width 1220mm-2100mm
    Length 2400mm-60000mm
    Warranty 10-Year
    Technology Co-extrusion
    Certificate ISO9001,SGS,CE
    Feature Sound insulation,Fire resistant,Impact resistant
    Sample Free samples can be send to you for test
    Remarks Special specifications,colors can be customized


    Item Thickness Weight/m² Width Length Mini Bending Radius
    Solid Polycarbonate Sheet 1.5mm 1.8kg max2100mm No limited  234
    2.0mm 2.4kg  360
    3.0mm 3.6kg  540
    4.0mm 4.8kg  720
    5.0mm 6.0kg  900
    6.0mm 7.2kg  1080
    8.0mm 9.6kg  1440
    10.0mm 12.0kg  1800
    12.0mm 14.4kg  2250
    15.0mm 18.0kg  2700

    Density g/cm³ 1.20 1.19 1.38 1.33 1.42 2.50
    Strength K.J/m² 70 2 4 3 1.2 -
    Modulus of elasticity N/mm² 2300 3200 3200 2450 6000 70000
    Linear thermal expansion 1/℃ 6.5×10-5 7.5×10-5 6.7×10-5 5.0×10-5 3.2×10-5 0.9×10-5
    Thermal conductivity W/m.k 0.20 0.19 0.13 0.24 0.15 1.3
    Max.service temperature 120 90 60 80 140 240
    UV transparency % 4 40 nd nd 19 80
    Fire performance - very good poor good good poor fireproof
    Resistance to weathering - good very good poor fair poor excellent
    Chemical compatibility - fair fair good good good Very good




    ●Carport, garage, balcony sunshade and rain cover.
    ●Indoor decorations.
    ●Small sheds and pavilions for rest in green gardens, parks, botanical gardens, etc.
    ●Police shield, bulletproof glass.
    ●Instrumentation panel.
    ●Greenhouse, small sun room


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