1.Polycarbonate sheet impact strength is the highest among all engineering plastics, which is higher than polyformaldehyde, almost 35 times that of polyamide, and similar to phenolic resin and polyester resin reinforced with poling fiber.

2.It has high mechanical strength, and its tensile strength and bending strength are similar to those of polyoxymethylene and polyamide, and the elongation at break reaches 90%(25 degrees Celsius). Moreover, the strength is improved at low temperature, and it does not decrease much at high temperature.

3.High heat resistance and cold resistance, and can be used for a long time in the temperature range of+130-100 degrees Celsius. It has no obvious melting point, its melting temperature is generally between 220,230 degrees Celsius, and its decomposition temperature is generally above 300 degrees Celsius. The thermal deformation temperature of 18.5 kg/cm2 is 130,140℃, which is higher than polyoxymethylene, but only lower than polysulfone and polyphenylene ether. Brittle temperature is below MINUS 100 degrees Celsius.

4.The transparency is very good, and the light transmittance of the film can reach 89%, which is second only to plexiglass, and it can also be colored.

5.The product is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless.

6.The oil resistance is very good, and the weight of the sample is basically unchanged after being soaked in gasoline for three months.

7.Soluble in chloroalkane, with solubility of 0.31g/ml in dichloromethane, 0.1g/ml in chloroform, 0.33g/ml in tetrachloromethane and 0.06g/ml in monochlorobenzene. Solvents such as stupid, acetone, ether, and vinyl acetate can make polycarbonate swell, but do not dissolve.

8.The water absorption is very small. When the relative humidity is 50%, the maximum hygroscopicity is 0.16%. The water absorption rate is 0.4% after soaking in 23℃ water for a week, and 0.58% after soaking in boiling water for a week.

9.The creep value is the smallest among all kinds of plastic materials. A cube with a weight of 1,800kg at 70℃ and 13mm has a volume change of only 0.282% after 24 hours.

10.Stable electrical performance.

11.Good weather resistance. The product has no obvious change in performance after being put outdoors for ten years.


So many excellent features. Next, let’s have a look at some surprising applications of polycarbonate sheet!


Sheet construction industry

Polycarbonate sheet, with excellent dimensional stability, impact resistance, thermal insulation, transparency, aging resistance and other properties, has been successfully applied in the construction of many large international stadiums and gymnasiums. The completed bleachers and external walls have high transparency, ensuring sufficient sunlight and minimizing the supporting structure, so they are light and transparent.

Medical instruments

It is mainly used to manufacture artificial hemodialysis equipment, blood collectors, high-pressure syringes, surgical masks and other medical equipment that need to be operated under transparent and intuitive conditions and repeatedly disinfected.


With the rapid development of aviation and aerospace technology, the requirements for the components of aircraft and spacecraft are constantly improving, which makes the application of PC in this field increasingly increasing. According to statistics, there are 2,500 polycarbonate parts used in only one Boeing aircraft, and the single aircraft consumes about 2 tons of polycarbonate.

Food contact

The heat-resistant temperature range of PC is -40℃-140℃. Over this temperature range, PC materials will be aged and deteriorated, and lose their inherent properties. Bisphenol A is generally not released in the range of daily food contact.

Optical lens

At present, most optical lenses are made of acrylic, with simple design, short plastic molding time, low cost, lightness and high light transmittance.

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