1. Looking at the transparency, the transmittance of a better sunshine board is about 94%. The lower the transparency, the more recycled materials are added, and the color of the inferior sunshine board is black.


2. Pull the protective film to see the sheets. The sheet with no impurities and no particles is a new virgin raw material. On the contrary, the multi-layer polycarbonate sheet has impurities and foreign matter is added with recycled materials. The more recycled materials are added, the more obvious the impurities, the worse the quality of the sheet.


3. Look at the thickness of the upper and lower walls, the thicker the material, the more the X-shaped structure solar panel, the higher the specific gravity, the higher the cost, and the better the quality of the panel. This method is also the same as the method of weighing the unit area of the solar panel.


4. Bending the hollow polycarbonate sheet sample, the more brittle and fragile the quality of the plate, the PC polycarbonate plate has better toughness, if the plate is very easy to break, it means that it is not a pure PC material, that is, sunlight added with recycled materials sheets.


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