As our living standards improve, our friends who have yards and open-air balconies at home will want to build a sun room. In the past, we used glass to build sunrooms, which can bathe in the sun to a great extent. Especially in the cold winter, we can bask in the sun without going out, which is almost a great enjoyment in life. But in the summer, the insulation effect of glass is not good, it will become very hot and make people feel uncomfortable.
In addition to using glass in the sunroom, you can also use it! polycarbonate solid sheet, a popular board material in recent years, has solved this problem very well. Because it can ensure better lighting and heat insulation. So is endurance board really good for a sunroom?

Advantages of endurance board sun room
1. Speaking of transparency, solid polycarbonate sheet is comparable to glass. It is as transparent as glass, and its impact resistance is dozens to hundreds of times that of glass. It is strong and reliable, and it is not easy to break when hit with a hammer, which is better than glass. The material should be safe. If you want to use glass to build a sunroom, it is not recommended to use glass to build a sunroom roof. Impact-resistant materials must be used to prevent the glass from breaking and injuring people.
2. Some friends think that endurance board is just a plastic board, which is easy to discolor and not durable. The editor will explain here that the solid polycarbonate sheet is made of new imported raw materials, and an anti-ultraviolet UV coating is added to the surface, which can extend the service life of the board and prevent it from turning yellow easily.
3. The PC solid sheet is light in weight and can be used as a mobile sunroom. The covered area can be changed by stretching and folding to avoid illegal construction. When someone comes to inspect, we can fold it up to effectively prevent illegal construction.

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