Hollow polycarbonate sheet modeling lamps are made of polycarbonate hollow sheets as raw materials. The hollow polycarbonate sheets are made of polycarbonate raw materials through hot extrusion. The hollow structure makes the panels very light and reduces the workload of assembly technicians. In addition, the polycarbonate panels are made of newly imported materials to ensure the quality of the materials. The UV anti-UV coating on the surface of the panels also extends the service life to prevent embrittlement and yellowing. Generally, the polycarbonate sheet modeling lamps can be used for 10 years or even 15 years. One point worth mentioning is that the styling lamps made of hollow polycarbonate sheets are easy to clean, which reduces the cost of maintaining the polycarbonate hollow sheet modeling lamps.

    In recent years, environmental pollution problems have become particularly serious. In order to better and efficiently protect the ecological environment, unprecedented changes have taken place in the field of construction and building materials. The advent of hollow polycarbonate sheets has brought great convenience to everyone. Nowadays, hollow polycarbonate sheets have been widely used as a new type of environmentally friendly material. Pedestrian bridge awnings, parking spaces and carports, living balcony awnings, vegetable greenhouses, ecological restaurants and other places will all have the shadow of hollow polycarbonate sheets. It can be said that hollow polycarbonate panels have already been everywhere in people’s lives.

    Detailed introduction of polycarbonate sheet awning

    As a awning material, hollow polycarbonate panels can not only withstand strong winds, but are also not brittle materials like plexiglass panels, which are easy to break and have low noise. It will also prevent vegetables, fruits, melons, vegetables, etc. from being damaged by extreme weather. And it has good collision resistance. Its collision resistance is 250-300 times that of glass, 30 times that of the same thin acrylic sheet, and 2-20 times that of explosion-proof glass. It can be dropped from 2 meters below with a 3kg hammer. Cracks have the reputation of “unbreakable glass” and “ringing steel”. The thermal insulation of the hollow polycarbonate sheet can allow green plants to grow healthily, and it also has good illumination. It can also be used to the maximum extent when the sunlight is weak, creating an excellent natural environment for the growth of plants.

    In addition to the above advantages, polycarbonate hollow sheets also have the characteristics of high definition, light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, heat insulation, flame retardant, aging resistance, etc. Therefore, we are very fond of polycarbonate hollow panels.Hollow polycarbonate sheets awnings are relatively easy to see in daily life. In order to make the residents more comfortable in the residential complex where we live, the property management will install awnings on the bicycles we use for transportation. At the bus stop, in order to allow passengers to wait more comfortably, awnings will be installed on the bus stop to protect waiting passengers from wind and rain. In some big cities, especially in the south, during the hot summer months, awnings are installed on non-motorized vehicles, so that people waiting for traffic lights will not be so restless, and it will also reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents.

plastic awning

    Detailed introduction of polycarbonate hollow sheet fruit and vegetable greenhouse

    Polycarbonate hollow sheets The most indispensable part of the construction of a fruit and vegetable greenhouse is the surface polycarbonate sheets. Installing polycarbonate hollow sheets on the surface of the greenhouse can ensure that the vegetables and fruits inside the greenhouse receive sufficient sunlight, because the polycarbonate hollow sheets are hollow and transparent. Secondly, polycarbonate hollow sheets will be stronger as the surface of greenhouse vegetables, preventing damage to the greenhouse due to flood temperatures. The most important point is that the polycarbonate hollow sheets have a hollow structure and are very light, which can reduce the weight of the greenhouse. It is simpler and more convenient to use hollow polycarbonate sheets to install vegetable greenhouses (polycarbonate sheets are made of polycarbonate and have a certain degree of deformability). At the same time, it will make the vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse more comfortable. Growing in a natural environment will allow our farmers to gain more profits. Moreover, the surface of the polycarbonate sheets produced by our factory has anti-UV coating, which prevents the fruit farmers’ hollow polycarbonate sheets from becoming brittle and discolored, and increases the service life of the greenhouse. Significantly reduced product costs for fruit farmers.


    The above is a detailed introduction to the main uses of hollow polycarbonate sheets.

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