Polycarbonate hollow sheets integrate lighting, heat preservation and sound insulation. They can protect against sun and rain, as well as heat preservation and light transmission. They can be used in greenhouses, furniture canopies, office sound insulation, outdoor advertising light boxes, etc. In foreign countries, there are even large-scale transparent lighting houses made of pure polycarbonate in addition to the supporting structure. When the sun shines, they are crystal clear, warm and pleasant.
In terms of greenhouse construction, there are greenhouses built entirely with sunlight panels, greenhouses with gables built with sunlight panels, and greenhouses with gables and side walls built with sunlight panels. In terms of greenhouse functions, there are production-oriented greenhouses that focus on production. There are commercial greenhouses, mainly flower trading centers, and greenhouses mainly for scientific research. Sunshine panels are a widely used building material and can also be used in awnings and awnings.
Solar panels rapidly entered the building decoration materials market in the mid-1980s. Compared with laminated glass, wired glass, tempered glass, and insulating glass, it is more lightweight, weather-resistant, super strong, flame-retardant, and sound-insulating due to the unique high quality of solar panels. It has been widely recognized by the architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental engineering, and advertising industries.
The most common solar panels are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm; boards with these thicknesses usually have a double-layer structure, and thicker ones usually have multi-layer and special-shaped structures.

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