1.There is no disadvantage of anti-fog polycarbonate sheet greenhouse cover material

The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the greenhouse causes water vapor to condense on the walls and roof of the greenhouse, forming fog droplets. Fine mist droplets on polycarbonate sheet roof cover without an anti-drip coating, although not dangerous to plants near them, they increase light scattering and reduce the amount of incoming light. As further condensation occurs, these droplets grow larger and connect with adjacent droplets. The droplets continue to grow in size until they start to flow, and as they get bigger they drip down and damage the plants.As the picture shows.


2. Anti-fog droplet principle

The principle of fog droplet (water droplet) generation

Surface tension of water: Water has a force that shrinks its surface area, and this force is called surface tension. The surface of a liquid always tends to shrink as much as possible due to surface tension, so small droplets in air tend to take the shape of spheres. The principle of anti-fog droplet changes the surface tension: a super-hydrophilic coating is formed on the glass surface, and a super-hydrophilic coating is formed with a water droplet contact angle less than 10 degrees. Water falling onto the superhydrophilic coating forms a water film. On a vertical plane or a surface with a certain inclination, the superhydrophilic coating flows down under the action of gravity.

The SINHAI anti-fog polycarbonate greenhouse sheet has a special anti-fog coating in the direction of the interior. This coating makes the surface tension of the inner surface of the polycarbonate sheet and the condensed water greater than the surface tension value of air/water, reducing the fog droplet. At the contact angle, when the water vapor condenses on the surface of the polycarbonate sheet, it cannot form large mist droplets that fall on the plants, but forms a water flow that flows down the bottom edge of the PC sheet.


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