The sunrooms originally built were all made of glass and were generally used in factories, fields, and greenhouses. Later, with the development of the industry, sunrooms gradually entered the family. Those with courtyards and terraces at home like to build a sunroom as a leisure time. It is a venue for entertainment, but the hidden dangers and defects of glass are also exposed. Fortunately, after years of material updating, it is very different now. As the first-generation material of sun room, glass has also experienced the baptism of years, from ordinary glass to tempered glass, from industrial to household, and constantly updated. Nowadays, tempered glass is widely used in office buildings and industrial buildings as glass curtain walls. Because of its high cost, there is still no way to truly popularize it at home. In the field of home sunrooms. Really practical tempered glass cannot be popularized, and the defects of ordinary glass are too obvious and can only be gradually eliminated. After the glass could not be popularized, a new round of reforms began in the material, and the acrylic sheet was born. At that time, the acrylic sheet was considered to be the most likely to replace the glass, because it was no less than the light transmittance of the glass. There is also a certain plasticity, no longer like glass, limited to the square style. However, when the acrylic sheet is burned by the fire, there will be fire droplets, poisonous gas will be generated, and it will be exposed to the sun and eroded by the wind and sand. After a long time, it will turn yellow and mildew. However, because of the particularity of acrylic sheet, it can be used in roadside spotlights, street signs and other positions, and it can be regarded as making the best use of it.

People started to innovate again when they discovered the problems of acrylic sheets during use. Now after continuous research and development of new products, the material that can replace glass and acrylic sheet is finally researched. The polycarbonate sheet inherits the light transmittance of glass, and is strengthened on the basis of the acrylic sheet, and the impact resistance is significantly improved. The surface is evenly coated with UV coating, so even if it is exposed to UV light for a long time, there will be no yellowing and mildew.

The advantages and characteristics of polycarbonate sheets:

1. Light weight and strong impact resistance

2. Excellent thermal insulation performance

3. Super weather resistance

4. Easy to use and easy to install

5. Beautiful vision and rich colors

6. Unique material texture and texture

7.Cost-effective,economical and energy-saving (2.1-9.2USD/M²)

8. Excellent processing performance,free modeling

9. Wide application field (a large number of applications in the exterior walls and polycarbonate sheet roofs of various buildings such as airports, gymnasiums,office buildings,conference centers,star-rated hotels,schools,agricultural greenhouse,etc.)

The times are progressing, materials are being updated, and the quality of life is also improving step by step. Although polycarbonate sheet is the best material for building a sun room at present, with the development of technology, various new materials will appear in the future.

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