If you want to ask about outdoor travel, which homestay is the most popular among tourists, it is naturally the homestay built by the Star Room and the Bubble House. However, many people still do not know the difference between the Star Room and the Bubble House. The difference, today, let us take a look together.
First of all, let’s take a look at what is a star room and a bubble room.

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The so-called star room, also known as the star room. At first it was a pavilion, but it was actually a movable construction house. Later, because you can watch the sky full of stars in it, it was called the star room. Star room is widely used, and generally can be used in campsites, homestays, scenic spots, farms, characteristic towns, commercial complexes, etc. It has the advantages of environmental protection, low investment and high return, convenient and fast, and comfortable installation.
The star room has a novel and romantic appearance, equipped with hotel-style facilities: high-frequency encrypted curtains, air-conditioning, sunshade system, ventilation system, etc. The indoor air is fresh, quiet and comfortable.
Due to its material and structural characteristics, the star room is between a tent and a building house in terms of practicality. Its construction cost is low, its installation is convenient and fast, and it can be put into use quickly. The applicability is flexible and changeable. It can be installed and disassembled anywhere, and can also be used as long-term housing in B&Bs, restaurants, bars, and scenic camps.


The so-called bubble rooms are made of recycled plastic, and the air plugs at the entrance and the squelch pump continuously release air pressure to keep their shapes inflated. Noise from outside is kept to a minimum, while noise is maximized inside, so whispers are required to create a peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, the bubble house needs to be opened and closed from the outside to enter the room, which is inconvenient. In the sun, the room is stuffy and the air does not circulate, so it is not suitable for rest.
Specifically, there are these differences between the Star Room and the Bubble House:
1. Different practicability: Although Polycarbonate Dome House and bubble houses can be said to be the best products to define new types of leisure accommodation, according to the comparison results, star rooms are better than bubble houses in terms of practicability. The applicability of the star room is flexible and changeable. It can be installed and disassembled at any time, and it can also be used as a long-term housing in B&Bs, restaurants, bars, and scenic camps. The bubble house is more suitable for temporary construction, short-term rest and use, and needs to be continuously powered on and inflated, which is less practical.
2. Different materials: the main body of the star room is made of POLYCARBONATE SHEET (explosion-proof shield material) + aviation aluminum profiles, without metal brackets, 360° fully transparent, light transmittance 88%, fire rating is B1 flame retardant, non-toxic, odorless, anti-corrosion Strong impact. The main body of the bubble house is made of PVC film material. Although it is transparent, the surface of the material is easy to form a mirror effect. The transparency effect is not good and it is easy to be damaged. It is a flammable product. There will be a pungent smell during use. Avoid high temperature and sunlight when using it. sun exposure. Wind resistance level 7-8.
3. The performance is different: the star room is a modular installation method, which is convenient and fast, and the installation can be completed in 3 hours, which is suitable for long-term camp construction. Rinse with a water gun for daily cleaning, and the normal service life is 30 years. The bubble house is fast inflated and deflated, foldable and easy to use, suitable for temporary construction. Daily washing and cleaning, the normal service life is about 5 years.

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