1. Ultraviolet exposure: When exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, especially in sunny places, PC polycarbonate sheets may turn yellow, fade and age. This may be one of the main causes of aging.

2. Temperature changes: Polycarbonate solid sheets may expand or contract in environments with large temperature changes. This thermal expansion and contraction may cause material aging and cracking.

3. Chemical impact: Using cleaners containing solvents or acidic and alkaline substances may damage the solid polycarbonate sheet material and cause aging.

4. Mechanical stress: If the polycarbonate solid sheet is hit by heavy objects or mechanical stress, cracks or deformation may occur, and it may also lead to aging.

5. Material quality: Low-quality polycarbonate solid sheet materials may be more susceptible to aging and breakage.

To extend the life of solid polycarbonate sheets, you can consider the following measures:

- Clean regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt and grime.

- Use polycarbonate solid sheets material with UV resistance.

- Avoid using corrosive cleaners and use mild detergents for cleaning.

- Avoid physical damage such as impact or mechanical stress.

- Check solid polycarbonate sheets regularly to detect any cracks or damage and repair or replace them promptly.

Please note that the aging speed of polycarbonate solid sheets also depends on the use environment and the quality of the materials, so it is very important to choose high-quality materials and maintain them correctly, as well as choose a regular and large manufacturer.

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