The installation method and related precautions of PC solid polycarbonate sheet:

1.When installing the polycarbonate solid sheet, the protective film on the edge surface of the solid pc sheet should be lifted by about 10cm, so that the neutral sealant and the solid polycarbonate sheet can be bonded to achieve a better waterproof effect.

2.In order to prevent thermal expansion and cold contraction, at least 10MM expansion gap should be reserved at the joint between the two sheets (span within 2M) when installing the polycarbonate solid sheet. For installations with large spans, the reserved expansion and contraction space is determined by the thermal expansion coefficient of the PC solid sheet.

3.After the PC solid sheet is installed, tear off the surface (double-sided) protective film within one week.

4.If it is necessary to punch holes directly on the polycarbonate solid sheet during installation, the hole diameter is generally 50% larger than the diameter of the bolt. Bolts with a head larger than the hole diameter should be used, and waterproof pads should be added.

5.When installing, the bolts should not be too tight, otherwise the polycarbonate solid sheet will burst and waterproof problems will occur.

6.The DOP plasticizer in the PVC gasket and the chemical substances in some rubber gaskets will damage the PC solid sheet after contact with the solid PC sheet, so they cannot be used. It is recommended to use EPDM rubber, Siliconer rubber and Neoprenerubber. If you don’t have a proper gasket, you’d rather not use it, or you’ll break the solid polycarbonate sheet, breaking it.

7.For installation with sealant, neutral Silicone, neutral series sealant (alcohol type, Toshiba) or double-sided waterproof tape can be used.

8.In addition to being used for waterproofing, double-sided waterproof tape can also be used as a cushion material between the sheet and the frame. Most double-sided tapes are destructive to PC sheets. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a tape that will not damage the PC solid sheet, such as butyl waterproof tape from Japan.

9.The polycarbonate solid sheet has a protective film on both sides, and the anti-ultraviolet treatment surface protective film has a printed logo, and this side faces the sun when it is installed.

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