Baoding Xinhai Plastic Sheet Co.,ltd mainly produces polycarbonate solid sheet, polycarbonate hollow sheet, polycarbonate corrugated sheet, embossed polycarbonate sheet, frosted polycarbonate sheet, crystal polycarbonate sheet, patented product polybamboo sheet;

PC sheet color: transparent polycarbonate sheet, brown polycarbonate sheet, milky white polycarbonate sheet, soot polycarbonate sheet, red polycarbonate sheet, black polycarbonate sheet, lake blue polycarbonate sheet, grass green polycarbonate sheet, frosted polycarbonate sheet.

PC sheet thickness: 0.8mm-18mm,

PC hollow sheet thickness: 2.8mm-20mm;

Flame retardant grade of PC sheet: B grade

PC sheet production width: normal 2100MM; PC sheet production length is not limited

PC sheet warranty period: 10 years warranty, 5 years warranty, 3 years warranty

Several aspects of common sense of polycarbonate sheet maintenance:

Cleaning and maintenance of lexan sheet: Regular cleaning according to the correct method and suitable tools of the polycarbonate hollow sheet can prolong the service life of the pc sheet.

Storage and transportation of polycarbonate sheet: Avoid placing heavy objects on the pc sheet during transportation, and do not touch the sheet with sharps. Coil loading and unloading need to use machinery, or use the vehicle springboard to carefully and lightly unload. In addition, the PC sheet should not be exposed to the outside for storage, and should be placed in a cool place.

Cleaning precautions for polycarbonate sheet:

Do not polish or clean the polycarbonate sheet with strong alkali, and do not wipe the surface with a dry hard cloth or a hard brush, so as to avoid the phenomenon of pulling.

It is not allowed to use butyl cellosolve and isopropyl alcohol solution to clean the pc sheet with UV protection.

Suggested cleaning solvents: absolute alcohol, petroleum ether (bp), ethane, conan. In order to avoid contact with incompatible chemicals.

Precautions for the polycarbonate sheet installation:

When installing, the side of the PC sheet with the UV protection logo must face outward.

All empty ends of the polycarbonate sheet should be sealed with aluminum sealing tape before installation.

After the construction is completed, the sundries on the alveolar polycarbonate sheet should be cleaned up.

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