Polycarbonate PC transparent tile manufacturer, flame retardant and UV resistant roof lighting board, lighting strip, low price, fast delivery, products with excellent physical and mechanical stability; It is not prone to yellowing and aging, and has been proven through experiments that up to 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation can be effectively absorbed and isolated.

PC corrugated polycarbonate sheet specifications:

1- Length: Generally 6 meters, or according to customer needs.
2- Color: Generally transparent, blue, green, or according to customer needs, commonly used as transparent color
3-Thickness: 0.8-2.7mm


2mm polycarbonate transparent wave board 840 polycarbonate PC trapezoidal wave board. PC wave board is a type of PC wave board with strong toughness, characterized by high impact resistance, clarity, lightweight, diversity, and UV resistance. PC wave board exhibits excellent weather resistance and fire resistance performance. Make it an ideal roof material for building covers, patios, car sheds, balconies, rain sheds, screens, pavilions, and swimming pools. PC wave boards can also be used as roof materials for industrial and agricultural buildings.


UV resistant and aging resistant
Free style, can be cold bent
Impact resistance, PC is a type of impact resistance in thermoplastic materials. Solar panels made of PC can maintain good impact resistance over a wide temperature range for a long time, earning the nickname of “non shattering glass” and “sound steel”. The impact strength of PC transparent solar panels is 250 to 300 times that of ordinary glass, and 30 times that of acrylic panels of the same thickness.

The light transmittance varies with different colors, and can reach 12% -88%
Effectively reducing building temperature regulation energy consumption through energy conservation
Flame retardant according to GB8624-2006 belongs to Class B flame retardant
Lightweight: The specific gravity is only half that of ordinary glass, and it is not easily broken. It is time-saving and labor-saving for transportation and installation, especially suitable for use in tall buildings.
Simulated hail impact test: A nylon ball with a diameter of 20mm (weighing 4.8g) was fired onto the sample at a speed of 21m/s on a simulated hail impact test machine to observe the degree of damage to the sample. The results showed that both glass and acrylic had cracked or broken, while the transparent wave tile of Shangya PC did not crack. In real life, the final velocity of hail with a diameter of 20mm can reach 21m/s.

Transparent light board: The highest transmittance can reach 85%, which is comparable to glass and easy to illuminate. Good insulation, I will use it to replace the glass in my greenhouse
Cut to appropriate size: If it doesn’t fit the space you need, or if you need a different shape, then use a sharp amateur knife to cut it into the appropriate shape/size
Wide application range : Suitable for awnings, car sheds, greenhouses, factory lighting, patios, courtyard buildings, balcony wall panels, pond aquaculture, etc


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