SINHAI Translucent textured embossed corrugated polycarbonate skylight roofing panels

  • Brand: SINHAI
  • MOQ: 100 sqm
  • Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union
  • Place of Origin: Baoding City,Hebei,China
  • Delivery Time: Within 3-10 working days according to the quantity
  • Start Port: Tianjin
  • Packaging: Both sides with PE film,logo on the PE film.Film logo is available to design for free
  • Product Detail



    Embossed corrugated Polycarbonate combining the advantages of polycarbonate hollow sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet. The stiffness is good, 1.2mm thick frosted corrugated pc sheet is equivalent to the 3mm thick solid polycarbonate sheet.The structure is good,There is no connecting gap.No leakage when raining.Moreover, the surface is embossed dry, which can reduce noise, and the embossed corrugated polycarbonate sheet is used for the roof, so that you can enjoy a quiet nap even in rainy days.

    The various lines on the surface of the embossed pc corrugated tile can not only enhance the shielding performance, but also reflect the direct irradiation of the strong light to the plate, so as to disperse the scattered light, soften the light and reduce light pollution.

    Secondly, the surface is beautiful in appearance, the color is very rich, and most of the surface is made of anti-scratch treatment, so it can meet a lot of designs.

    Third, because the embossed corrugated pc sheet is a kind of polycarbonate tile, it also has light weight, good weather resistance, high impact resistance, and strong ability to prevent direct light. It can also be processed by hot bending and cold bending. Can present a good three-dimensional effect.

    The surface of the embossed polycarbonate sheet is more textured and more beautiful under sunlight. The embossing size can be customized. It makes the roof, so people have different perceptions of the roof.

    Material 100% virgin bayer/sabic polycarbonate resin
    Thickness 0.8mm-3mm
    Color Clear, Blue, Lake Blue,Green, Bronze,Yellow or Customized
    Width 760mm, 840, 900, 930, 960mm,1000mm,1060mm,1100mm,1200mmor customized
    Length Generally 6m, can be customized according to customer requirements
    Surface UV-protection,embossed textured
    Warranty 10-Year
    Technology Co-extrusion
    Certificate ISO9001,SGS,CE
    Sample Free samples can be send to you for test
    Company type Manufacturer of polycarbonate sheet
    Factory location Baoding,hebei province,China

    Rich variety: textured embossed polycarbonate sheet currently has more than 10 plate types to choose from, which can be overlapped with different color steel tile types, which is convenient to use.

    ●Highway and urban elevated road noise barriers;

    ●Agricultural greenhouse and breeding shed;

    ●Modern eco-restaurant ceiling;

    ●All units or cell cycle shed, the balcony sun canopy and roof rest kiosks shed;

    ●Office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities ceiling lighting et.

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