Both the solid polycarbonate sheet and the hollow polycarbonate sheet can actually be used as a awning, because the raw materials of the polycarbonate solid sheet and the polycarbonate hollow sheet are all polycarbonate polymer materials, whether the solid polycarbonate sheet is suitable or the hollow polycarbonate sheet is suitable, we need to consider the actual demand.
First, what’s the difference between the two?
Solid polycarbonate sheet awning: firm structure, good light transmission, relative to the bearing capacity and impact resistance of the sheet, the price is relatively expensive.
Hollow polycarbonate sheet awning: hollow structure, poor light transmission, light board quality, good sound insulation effect, good thermal insulation effect, and relatively low price.
Secondly, we choose the appropriate plate according to the specific needs.
1.If you need good light transmittance, you can choose China polycarbonate solid sheet supplier, Thickness: 0.8mm-18mm for choice,which has high light transmittance and safety.
2.If you have strong requirements for thermal insulation and sound insulation, choose a hollow polycarbonate sheet, which is more suitable than a solid polycarbonate sheet.
However, if you want me to advise, I recommend a solid polycarbonate sheet.
First, let’s understand the solid polycarbonate sheet.
Polycarbonate solid sheet (also known as PC solid sheet, lexan polycarbonate sheet,unbreakable glass,polycarbonate flat sheet ) is a high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate or polycarbonate— Processed with acid.
①Impact-resistant, unbreakable, hundreds of times stronger than tempered glass and acrylic, with good toughness, safety, anti-theft and bullet-proof effects.
②It has good characteristics, such as round arch, bendable, good workability, strong plasticity, drilling, special-shaped cutting and can be bent into arch, semicircle, etc. according to the actual needs of the construction site.
③The material is light and easy to handle: the weight is only half of that of glass, which saves time and effort in transportation and installation, and is convenient for construction management.
④Weather resistance and excellent lighting: Surface UV protection polycarbonate sheet with long-term anti-ultraviolet radiation, good lighting effect, can save a lot of energy-saving costs.
So after the introduction, do you think that the solid polycarbonate sheet is more suitable for awning!
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