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SINHAI company mainly deals in hollow polycarbonate sheet,solid polycarbonate sheet,embossed polycarbonate sheet,corrugated polycarbonate sheet,polycarbonate bamboo sheet.

Among them, the polycarbonate hollow polycarbonate sheet also includes twinwall polycarbonate sheet,multiwall polycarbonate sheet,honeycomb polycarbonate sheet.

Although the cost of two-layer polycarbonate sheets is low, you may ask: under what circumstances should you choose a multi-layer polycarbonate sheet?

I will tell you the answer below.

The polycarbonate sheet space is too small, the height is too short, the support frame is too thin, or the insulation material is really critical to the thermal and sound insulation support.

The service life of the polycarbonate sheet depends on the top layer, not the number of layers, so the multiwall polycarbonate sheet does not bring much benefit to the service life. Only the canopy with an arched arc mentioned in the third item above On the contrary, it affects life expectancy.

The purpose of choosing multiwall polycarbonate sheet is nothing more than heat insulation and strong support. How many owners of the sun sheds you have installed in the past mentioned that the insulation or strength is not enough. Now you increase the cost to choose whether the multiwall polycarbonate sheet is cost-effective.

If the same amount of material is used, you only make two layers of the material for multiwall polycarbonate sheet. Is your sheet wall thicker? The thickening of the sheet wall is really beneficial to the service life. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a multiwall polycarbonate sheet instead of a thicker sheet.

The more popular is 8mm four wall polycarbonate sheet,10mm multiwall polycarbonate sheet,12mm multi wall polycarbonate sheet,16mm multiwall polycarbonate sheet,20mm polycarbonate sheet.

If you are interested in our environmental protection engineering material sheet-polycarbonate sheet, please feel free to consult.

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